Are you a good parent?

Do you promote the interests of the child?

Are you a good parent? Is your behavior toward children the only criterion for good parenting? Every parent makes many sacrifices and struggles to bring up their children well. Similarly, his parents are also evaluated in their work at each stage of the child’s development. The following things will tell you if you are a good parent.

Does your child share all his emotional thoughts with you? Do they show you their grief, fear, and anger? If so, that’s a very good thing. Because this sharing says they are emotionally safe with you. When a child expresses such feelings, never ignore or discourage them.

When a child gets into trouble, does he or she come to you first? If so, you need to understand that they feel so safe with you. It can create a situation where you can open up about any problem.

Does the child share his thoughts and ideas with you without fear of your reaction? Are you a person who accepts children’s ideas positively without dismissing them as trivial? It will spread their thoughts.

Do you only criticize whatever the child does? Good parents do not bother them with bad criticism. If you have to criticize, just say it with love and reason. Do not put labels such as quarrelsome, naughty, etc. on the child in public.

Do you promote the interests of the child? Do their interests take precedence? The hallmark of good parents is helping and enabling them to achieve that.

Do you set boundaries and rules for the good of the child? Moderate restrictions are also required. Restrictions such as not using bad words, respecting adults, and abstaining from drugs are essential.

Do you apologize to your child if you do something wrong? You can apologize to the child for arguing unnecessarily. You set a good example in that.

In addition to providing the child with good food and education, we can also pass on the values ​​necessary for success in life, thus becoming good parents.

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