covid confirmed 2.76 lakh more in India; 3,874 deaths

The total death toll in India was 2,87,122
Currently 31,29,878 active patients
New Delhi: covid 19 has been confirmed for 2,76,070 people in the country today. In the last 24 hours, 3,874 people in India have died due to covid. The health ministry said 3,69,077 people had been diagnosed with the disease.

covid has so far confirmed 2,57,72,400 people in the country. Of these, 2,23,55,440 were cured. So far 2,87,122 deaths have been confirmed due to covid infection. There are currently 31,29,878 active patients.

The Ministry of Health has so far vaccinated 18,70,09,792 people in the country. The Center has stated that those who have confirmed covid and those who have recovered after receiving the first dose of the vaccine should be given the second dose three months later.

The Ministry of Health has directed the states that this also applies to those who receive antibodies or plasma as part of covid treatment. Blood can be donated 14 days after receiving the injection. RTPCR is used to treat the disease. If the test is negative, there is no barrier to blood donation after two weeks. Breastfeeding mothers can also get the vaccine. The issue of whether to accept it for pregnant women is under study by a panel of experts.

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