Taking insurance is no longer easy

Did covid come and go? Taking out a new health insurance policy will not be easy. This is because insurance companies are tightening the rules. The policy could have been taken earlier, three months after the virus infection was negative, to check the patient’s health. But now some companies say the cool-off period is up to six months. Many companies are not even interested in offering a policy to such people as it is not yet clear how big the side effects after covid will be.

The premium will increase

Often these people can only get new health insurance if they have undergone a medical tester and proven that their organs are not seriously infected. At least some of the patients still have serious problems. Permanent defects in strategic organs such as the lungs, kidneys, and heart have also been reported. People with such physical ailments as part of an illness are classified as sub-standard life. If such diseases persist for three to six months after covid, the premium for such persons may increase by 20-30 percent depending on the extent. The additional premium will be based on how many organs covid has affected

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