How parenting works when the children are adults

The uniqueness of parenting is that it never ends. A parent will always be a parent. Parenting can be a daunting task when children are in their teens. Therefore, most people think that babies can rest after that age. But as children enter adolescence, the role of parents should not be considered over. Instead, it is important to understand that differences and challenges have entered another stage.

What should parenting be like after puberty? How should parents treat their children at that time? What should be different from the previous one? No matter how old or young you are, as long as you are a parent, children will be your children. The relationship between parents and children is always full of challenges. This is because parenting is subject to constant change and addition. Patience, forbearance, and resilience are all part of parenting.

Let’s start with endurance. Assume that you are a representative of the sandwich generation and that you are among the older children and older parents. You can understand why children are not able to get along with you in certain things; Because similar situations may have arisen between you and your parents.

You can understand why children are angry with you and intolerant of comments in the light of the relationship between you and your parents. Perhaps the next generation is moving forward by rejecting the values ​​of one generation. This can lead to conflicts and complaints. Acknowledge each other’s differences of opinion. This will help to find solutions to the problems to some extent.

The other was that your parents were not perfect. That is why you are not a perfect parent. Your children will not be like that. Accept this fact. You grew up in line with the parenting you received. You may also have some shortcomings. Tell the children about it. Children will understand those shortcomings. No matter how hard you try, no one can avoid certain failures. Show a willingness to accept such failures.

The challenge is to cope with the setbacks. When children are young, we keep them close to our lives. What to do and how to do it will depend on the wishes of the parents. But as children get older, the role of parents in their lives will be relatively less. Instead, we have to adapt to their lives. We have to put their beliefs and interests first. The erosion of traditional values ​​in their children’s lives can be distressing for some parents.

As they get older, their children may choose a new way of life and style. Parents may choose a life partner who is not interested. If parents question these, this is my life. Sometimes they will reply that I will live as I am comfortable. Then it can be seen that this old principle is coming true.

Parents can’t defeat their adult children in the race for freedom. Parents fail in front of their children. The relationship between parents and guardians changes as parents get older. Then parents begin to depend on their children. It is the parents’ responsibility to protect their children at an early age. Parents care for their children as they grow older.

And last but not least, the headline made you read this article. As your child becomes an adult, parents need to learn to deal with their lives. When they are married, their spouse is more important to them than their children. No longer do children have children, and your importance in their lives may diminish again. Understand that diminishing importance does not mean that love diminishes.

Parents may at times feel that they have to call their children once a week, to visit them occasionally, or to greet them on special occasions. This is the result of your parenting. You have trained your children to grow independently. They grew accordingly. Doing things independently. It is enough to consider it that way

The role of parents and so on They do not die. That responsibility will remain with you as long as you are a parent. Don’t you remember looking at me when I was young … listen to me … look what did I do? Your baby told me to tell him what I did. What was that baby asking of you? They demanded the attention, interest, and consideration of their parents. Parents become emotionally supportive, good listeners, and tireless encouragers to their older and older children.

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