Interval of second dose Covishield vaccine extended to 12-16 weeks

The Union Ministry of Health has approved the recommendation of the expert committee to increase the interval of the Covishield vaccine. With this, the second dose of the Covshield vaccine should be taken between 12 and 16 weeks. The earlier recommendation was to take a second dose between six and eight weeks. At the same time, there is no change in the interval between covaxin doses.

vaccine for covid-free patients should be given only after six months. Currently, covid-free patients can be vaccinated after 12 days. Plasma patients should be vaccinated after 12 weeks. The Central Committee of Experts has recommended that people with serious illnesses should be vaccinated within four to eight weeks of recovery.

Pregnant women can be vaccinated if needed. Pregnant women can make their own decisions in this regard. Breastfeeding mothers can be vaccinated after childbirth says Justice Commission member Dr. The vaccine was recommended by a panel of experts chaired by VK Paul.

The central government has increased the interval of covishield vaccine during the second wave of covid vaccine shortages in the country.

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