Money Heist Season 5: Release Date Announced

The Money Heist will end up with the fifth season with ten episodes.

The Season of Spanish Web Series has announced the Spanish Web Series Money Heist with worldwide fans. The first volume will be released on September 3 and the second volume on December 3. A teaser released a teaser with the announcement. Directed by Alex Pina.


The professor depicts a profound and group to rob the Rio in the grip of Intelligence, deposing the Bank of Spain and the following developments. The 4th season was the end of the 4th season when he finds a professor of Alysi Sierra, an inquiry officer.

The Money Heist was launched in 2017. Prepared in Spanish, the Series was the first time through the Spanish Television Network called ‘La Casa de Papel. The Series released as 5 episodes was a huge failure in Spain. Therefore, it was not. However, the Netflix Series took over by the Netflix Series and ran in English, and released the name of the Money Heist. Soon the Money Heist became wave wore in the world.

When he reached the fourth season in 2020, the bell heading on the world’s most visited series in the world. La Casa de Papal is also the first series outside the English language that reaches the list. So the series was built in the third season to be the new story under the request of Netflix.