Study shows coronavirus (covid-19) affects male erectile function

Study shows coronavirus affects male erectile function. According to a study published in the World Journal of Men’s Health, the virus can be present in the male penis for months, even if it is negative. Studies have shown that endothelial dysfunction caused by the virus can cause erectile dysfunction. The coronavirus, which causes covid 19, has now been found to infect cells in the lungs and kidneys.

Endothelial is a condition in which the blood vessels in the penis contract. Ranjit Rangaswamy, an Indian-born director of the Miller School of Reproductive Urology at the University of Miami, who led the study, says it can be seen as a long-term impact of covid 19.

The study included those who were covid positive and those who were not yet affected by covid. Six months ago and eight months ago, the virus was found in the genital cells of two people who were infected with covid. They did not have erection problems before Kovid was affected. However, the study shows that they had erection problems after covid was affected.

According to Ranjit Rangaswamy, the most important thing is to strictly follow the safety standards, keep the covid from coming, and get vaccinated. He also warns you to consult a doctor if you have erection problems.

The virus has also been found in the testicles of infected men. Scientists warn that it can affect fertility and can be transmitted through sexual contact.

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