The Olympics may lead to a new variant of the Covid

TOKYO: The Japanese Doctors’ Association is against the Tokyo Olympics. Doctors warn that holding the Tokyo Olympics this year could lead to a new Covid variant.

The 2020 Olympics have been postponed due to the expansion of Covid. Japan and the International Olympic Committee have made it clear they will not back down from their decision to host the Olympics this year. Doctors in Japan are demanding that the decision be reversed if Covid spreads rapidly.

‘Holding the Olympics next month will lead to a covid variant. It is also known as the Olympic variant of the coronavirus. A variety of coronaviruses that have changed in different parts of the world will congregate in Tokyo. From this, there will be a new Covid variant. This is likely to turn into a major disaster. “Even after 100 years, Japan will not be able to cope with this embarrassment,” the Doctors’ Association warned.

Players and officials from more than 200 countries will arrive in Tokyo. It is also a matter of concern that the vaccination of most of them has not been completed. At the same time, foreign spectators have no access to the Tokyo Olympics. It will be decided next month whether to admit local spectators. The Olympics are scheduled for July 23 to August 8.

The demand for the cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics is strong. It was reported that Japan would lose $ 17 billion if the matches were canceled. However, a study by the Nomura Research Institute, a leading Japanese economic research firm, said that the health crisis caused by the Olympics could cause even greater financial loss to the country.

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