Things To Look Out For During Thunderstorms

Caution is required from the moment the cloud begins to appear.

Move to a safe building as soon as the first signs of lightning appear.

Do not go to the terrace or yard to pick up clothes during thunderstorms.

Disconnect household appliances.

Close windows and doors.

Do not touch or touch metal objects. Also, avoid proximity to electrical equipment.

Avoid using the telephone.

Avoid bathing during thunderstorms.

Try not to touch the floor or wall inside the house.

It is dangerous to sit on the terrace or other high places or in the branches of trees during thunderstorms.

Do not stand under trees outside the house.

If inside the vehicle, park in an open area and do not touch metal parts.

Do not enter water bodies during thunderstorms.

Do not fly the kite.

In the open, place the feet together and the head between the knees, like a ball.

Do not pick up wet clothes lying on the floor outside during thunderstorms.

Lightning conductors and surge protectors can be installed on top of buildings to protect them from lightning.

If the atmosphere is cloudy from two in the afternoon to ten at night, children should avoid playing in the open air and on the terrace.

Lightning strikes can cause burns, loss of vision or hearing, or heart attack.

Recognize that there is no electric current in the body of the person being struck by lightning. Therefore, do not hesitate to provide first aid immediately. The first 30 seconds are crucial to saving lives from lightning.

Do not tie pets in the open at this time. Avoid going out in the open and unpacking them safely when it rains.

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