Wait for 10 seconds for toll, if the line length exceeds 100 meters, you can go without paying the toll.

The National Highways Authority has proposed new norms for toll collection at toll plazas on national highways in the country. The new proposals by the central government will put an end to the long wait for toll payments.

It is important to note that vehicles should not be held for more than ten seconds to collect the toll. In addition, it is suggested that the range of vehicles should not exceed 100 meters at a time. It was handed over to the toll plaza operators.

The proposal is to introduce an efficient toll collection system given the increasing infiltration in electronic toll collection. The NHAI said the new proposals would apply to the construction of upcoming toll plazas. Says.

The NHAI directive states that vehicles in front of the toll booth should be allowed to leave free of charge if the range of vehicles exceeds 100 meters. The guidelines will be implemented immediately with a yellow line at the 100-meter mark from the toll gate on each lane.

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